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What Ontario Pool Players League Offers

Ontario Pool Players League (O.P.P.L) is a mixed pool league geared to all levels of pool skill. Beginners to elite are always welcome.
We are Canadian Cue Sport (CCS) sanctioned for players who would like to play in The Canadians, Westerns, Vegas etc.

We Run Three Sessions A Year:

Fall Teams - runs 15 weeks - starts in September
Winter Teams - runs 16 weeks - starts in January
Summer Singles - runs 11 weeks - starts in May​​​

Ontario Pool Players is a members only league and we always welcome new members. Yearly OPPL membership cost is $15.00 and includes being CCS sanctioned. Weekly dues when playing is $15.00 which includes green fees unless you split your games with another team member.


WEEKLY PRIZE MONEY - Teams with the highest score each week in every establishment banks the weekly prize money. Every week all teams have opportunity to bank money. All in-house prize money is paid out on the last night of the session.

NO TRAVEL - Play out of the same establishment every week for the entire session until the Grand Championship

GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP - The top half from each establishment advance to the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP to compete against all other top half teams from all other establishments for THOUSANDS in cash and lots of prizes. For Summer Singles - Top half of players advance to the Grand Championship.

CONSOLATION CUP - The teams on the bottom half of each establishment qualify to play in the CONSOLATION CUP. This excludes Summer Singles

TOURNAMENTS - We offer monthly tournaments for all active league members during the Fall & Winter sessions with money always added

Team Play

  • The Game is 8 Ball - Call the pocket
  • ​3 player per team format - maximum 6 players per team
  • Each player plays 6 games a night - unless you split your games with other team mates
  • Play in the same establishment weekly for the session
  • All teams receive a team bag with schedule, weekly standings and tournament notices
  • Team handicap maximum is 29 - if team handicap exceeds 29 they lose the difference per round
  • A league rep is present on site every week

Singles Play

  • The Game is 8 Ball - Call the Pocket
  • 1 on 1 matches - 8 games a night
  • Play in the same establishment weekly for the session
  • All players receive personal envelope with schedule, standings and tournament notices
  • League rep is present onsite weekly